Facts About Us

Irving Pet Hospital’s skilled veterinarians and friendly staff care for your pets with high-quality veterinary services and preventive health measures, including exams, vaccinations diagnostic care, surgery, and dentistry. We treat every pet as a valued member of the family. Your kittens, puppies, and senior pets get specialized health screenings appropriate for their ages. We keep your beloved pets safe throughout their lives with annual checkups, microchips, dental cleanings, vaccine boosters, parasite testing and other veterinary services.


When you bring your pet to Irving Pet Hospital, we don’t want to keep you or your pet waiting for test results. Along with the latest in veterinary medical technology, we have an extensive in-house lab to assist in your pet’s diagnosis. If your animal needs medicine, our convenient in-house pharmacy carries a wide selection of medications and can provide written prescriptions for use in an outside pharmacy.


Our veterinarians and friendly hospital staff are experienced in performing a large array of surgical procedures on dogs and cats. From spay and neuter operations to more complicated procedures, Irving Pet Hospital provides just the right measure of critical care and compassion when your animal needs surgery. A dedicated and trained staff member stays by your pet’s side the entire time to monitor vital signs for the safety of your pet and your peace-of-mind.


Irving Pet Hospital is committed to the highest standards of veterinary medicine. We pride ourselves on the compassionate care we provide to your special animal companions. Whether you come to us for routine wellness exams and vaccinations, or complex medical conditions, we treat your pet as if it were our own.


The History of Irving Pet Hospital


Irving Pet Hospital, originally called Irving Street Veterinary Hospital, was built in 1964 by Dr. Roger Burr. When he retired in 1989, Dr. Dave Penny took over and modernized the facility with extensive remodeling. Dr. Penny’s interests led him elsewhere, and the hospital was acquired in 2007 by Dr. Joe Fong, who changed the name to the simpler Irving Pet Hospital. Being one of only a handful of native San Francisco residents practicing veterinary medicine in the city, Dr. Fong has a special connection with this city and its residents. As such, he plans to practice here far into the future with a focus on continuing and expanding Irving Pet Hospital’s established tradition of excellence.

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