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preventative care for dogs
Preventative Care for Dogs

Preventative care is a dog’s first line of defense against illness and injury. Annual exams allow us to prevent, diagnose and treat disease in its early stages, often before you notice any symptoms.

preventative care for cats
Preventative Care for Cats

Treatment is more effective when it starts earlier, so preventative care helps your pet live a long and healthy life with you.

Pet Diagnostics in SF

Veterinary diagnostics performed with ultrasounds, radiology, and electrocardiology create composites of the internal body used to discover disease or injury.

Pet Emergency in SF

We will see emergencies during business hours when available time permits. When we are busy or closed please go to…

dental care for pets
Dental Care

Regular dental care is essential for keeping your pet healthy and happy. Dental disease is a common issue among household pets that can lead to serious health problems if left untreated.

pet surgery in san francisco

Surgery is an effective way to treat many serious injuries and disorders. While invasive, surgical procedures remain the backbone of veterinary medicine, delivering unparalleled results to the field of pet healthcare.


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