Hospital Expansion Project Plan

A New and Exciting Chapter for Our Hospital!

Irving Pet Hospital hopes to soon expand our facility to include the building at 1428 Irving Street. This project will add 1,440 square feet of space to our hospital and give us a chance to transform what is currently an empty storefront into an area dedicated to pet health and well-being.

When completed, the new addition will allow to better serve the local pet population. Our plans for the expansion include:

  • Five new exam rooms
  • A new hospitality area for clients
  • A comfort room for grieving pet parents
  • A centralized lab/pharmacy
  • Ultrasound room
  • A dual dental suite
  • Lobby retail space
  • A staff patio

Also part of the renovation is a state-of-the-art HVAC and insulation system, which will not only create a comfortable working environment for our staff and pet patients but will maintain energy efficiencies between the first-floor clinical areas and the upstairs living quarters.

We’re likewise planning to add a dog yard and elimination area at the back of the hospital which will provide a two-fold benefit. It will guard against any potential patient escapes on the street side, as well as contain animal waste and minimize its impact on nearby residents.

Given that the building contains residential apartments on the second level, we will be sticking with the space’s original floor plan as much as possible in order to not inconvenience the current tenants.

We would very much appreciate it if you would lend your name to a growing list of neighbors who champion this change. We kindly ask for your signature on the letter to the Planning Commission. A signature would show your support for our expansion efforts. You can find the letter here. Feel free to add additional comments to the letter and a photo of your pet(s) to make the letter more personal. We really appreciate your help and kindly ask that signed letters be submitted no later than August 1st.

Thanks in advance for your support!