Pet Wellness Services

Pet Wellness Exams, testing, lab tests, medical exams for dogs, cats, petsYour pet's health care begins with regular wellness checkups with a veterinarian. At Irving Pet Hospital, we recommend that all pets receive a complete physical examination at least once a year, though more frequent exams are encouraged. A wellness exam goes a long way toward prevention of rabies, fleas, parasites such as heartworm, and other treatable illnesses and conditions.

Regular exams allow us to detect symptoms of disease and illness in your pet and treat them before your pet becomes ill or feels pain. During the exam, vaccine protocols, senior pet care protocols, and alternative treatments are discussed with the doctor. Some pets may hide the fact that they aren't feeling well. Routine exams may alert the veterinarian to underlying health issues.

As your pet ages, normal aging conditions occur that you may not be aware of. These can be diagnosed early during your pet's regular wellness exam, or if needed, through routine laboratory tests. Conditions affecting older pets can be easily identified and treated before they become serious. We want your elderly pet to enjoy a long and healthy life.

What Happens During a Wellness Exam?

During your pet's annual exam, the doctors perform a "nose to tail" evaluation of your pet. We examine his or her vision, hearing, heart and lung functions, test the joints and muscles, palpate the abdomen and perform many other tests. The information we collect during an exam helps us establish a baseline level of your pet's health and allows us to better treat your pet.

The annual exam also includes a dental evaluation. Dental care is very important, especially to our older animals. Teeth and gums are examined for plaque and tartar, tooth weakness and decay. This screening often prevents mouth pain and infections that can affect your pet's overall health. Read more about Irving Pet Hospital's dental services.

During the annual exam, we may discuss your pet's nutritional needs and weight management guidelines. Annual exams help us monitor your animal's weight so we can recommend modifications in diet or exercise if needed. A long and healthy life for your dog or cat depends on maintaining a healthy body weight.

Vaccinations and Boosters

Vaccines and MicrochippingVaccinations are an important aspect of your pet's wellness plan. We review your pet's vaccination protocols regularly to make sure that your pet is getting all the necessary immunizations and booster shots for his or her age, environment and risk level. Vaccination schedules are tailored to your individual pet, so we'll ask questions about your pet's life to be sure we recommend a suitable program. Many diseases and conditions can be prevented with modern vaccines and protocols. We work closely with you to be sure your animal is protected.

Irving Pet Hospital Loves Puppies and Kittens

Did you adopt a new kitten or puppy? Irving Pet Hospital has special programs for the newest members of your family. Bring your new pet to us and receive a special package of services that includes wellness screening and vaccination schedules. A special 20% discount on services is offered with puppy and kitten packages. Also ask us about spaying and neutering.

Microchips: Reliable, Permanent Identification For Your Pet

As part of our wellness program, we recommend pet identification microchipping. This minor, painless procedure installs a tiny chip the size of a grain of rice under your pet's skin, usually between the shoulder blades. If he or she is ever lost, microchipping provides a safe, effective way to help your pet make it home safely.

Each tiny microchip is encoded with unique information about your pet. This information is entered into a national database. Veterinary hospitals and animal shelters across the country are equipped with special scanners capable of detecting and reading microchips. If your pet is lost, his or her microchip is scanned and the information is used to reunite you and your best friend.

Irving Pet Hospital uses the ResQ microchip system.

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