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Meet NEKO! Our May Pet of the Month!

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Greetings!  My humans call me “Neko”, short for “Maneki Neko” because they think I look like a Japanese “Lucky Cat”.   Of course, they can’t pronounce my real name.  They also think I resemble a Turkish Angora, but since I don’t like talking about my past they haven’t been able to find out for sure.

As I said, I prefer not to talk much about my past – I much prefer to enjoy the present.   However, I will tell you that I chose my current humans approximately two and half years ago.   My previous caretaker had become unable to take care of me, so I started exploring the neighborhood for new guardians.  Once I found suitable candidates, it didn’t take long to convince them to take care of me.

I am approximately 80 cat years old (thats 14 of your human years).  Like many 80-year olds, I have a number of chronic medical issues.   Luckily, Dr. Fong and the staff at Irving Pet Hospital were able to bring them under control.   I’ve even learned to use an inhaler to control with my asthma.  Generally, I don’t like doctors (really, ask them – many are afraid of me), but Dr. Fong and the folks at Irving are the best.  Sometimes, they’re so helpful I even forget to fight them.

I like to spend my time sleeping, eating (as long as its top-quality food), cleaning my fur  (or having someone else brush it) and sitting on laps.   At my age, I don’t run around as much as I used to, but I still enjoy a good hunt (there are quite a number flies on strings around my house for some reason), especially when its followed by a quick snack and a nap.  I’m really enjoying my retirement here – I highly recommend the life-style if you can manage it.

Anyway – I think I should get going.   If my humans saw me using the computer, they might get suspicious about other things I might be up to.   We cats like to keep some of our activities secret…

Meet our Pet of the Month…Yogi!

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Hi! My name is Yogi.  I am a terrier (of some kind)/dachshund mixed breed doggie.  At least that’s what they thought at the small dog rescue where I was placed at the age of 6 months after my first family gave me up for adoption because they were not allowed to have a dog at their apartment.  I was adopted by my 2 daddies Louis and Frank.  I sealed the deal when they came to take a look at me at the foster home I was in, and I went up to each one of them and gave them a doggie kiss, aka, I licked their faces.

That was 13 years ago and we have been a happy family ever since.  I am spoiled, to be sure.  I have them wrapped around my little finger (paw) and I get lots of doggie treats by being cute and begging.  I am a finicky eater and will hold out from eating until I get something better than the dog food they try to serve me.  I even hold out at times for the ground beef and rice they cook for me until they give me something better, like whatever they are eating for dinner!

I was a feisty and crazy puppy.  I chewed everything in sight including books, video cassettes and the T.V. cable!  I had endless energy and could walk or run for hours at the park.  Now that I’m older and more mature, I have slowed down a bit, but still love my many walks.  I also love my naps which I will take anywhere in the house that I find comfortable, as you can see from the picture.

I am looking forward to many more years of joy with my daddies.  That will happen, I’m sure thanks to the doctors and nurses and all the great staff at Irving Pet Hospital. They are the best!


Monday, February 27th, 2012

Squeakers, Chester, Barney, Waffle and Beau Dennehy



My name is Squeakers and I rule! The red boy is my buddy Chester.
We have been in the Dennehy household the longest. We celebrated Chester’s 4-year gotcha day on February 18th and will celebrate my 10-year gotcha day March 22nd. That makes us 9 and 13 respectively.



Mutt and Jeff there are Barney and Waffle.  The big guy came to us from Taiwan last summer (poor pup spent 2 years in a shelter there) and Waffle has been with us only a few weeks. We think they are both six.





The old guy is Beau.  He’s pretty blind and a bit deaf, but that boy can smell. I mean, just look at that snout! He’s been with us just over a year. We think he’s about 16.



We all get along well and are a happy family. Mom and Dad tell us how much they love us and how happy they are that we are all together.

We are happy to have the wonderful staff at Irving Pet Hospital to keep us well!


Friday, January 6th, 2012

Zaza is very honored to be the Irving Pet Hospital’s “Pet of the Month” (we won’t tell Hugh Hefner!!). 

Zaza was born in Cincinatti, Ohio on July 11, 2003 (I keep telling her that she doesn’t look a day over 5!).  She has a wonderful life here in San Francisco…her Mom makes sure that she is well looked after (and that’s why we L-O-V-E the Irving Pet Hospital).  Zaza has also traveled to many places with her Mom (sometimes in First Class!)…and has been backstage at many concerts where she loves to pose with whatever rock star her Mom is working with.  Zaza is very loved by all who meet her!

–   Shelley Lazar

P.S. Zaza is the secret Santa we talked about in our Christmas Angel blog!

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